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Kitchen Sink Cookies

With an island-wide lockdown, quarantine and the consistent craving for all things sugar these cookies are a blank canvas to incorporate all of your sweetest desires. From chocolate chips and honey roasted peanuts to rolled oats (, the mix-in options are endless. Thus, the reasoning behind it's name "kitchen sink cookies" because you're tossing in everything but the kitchen sink!

A SOFT, CHEWY COOKIE WITH CRISPY EDGES. CHocolate chips, oats, nuts & any other sweets you could possibly find.

Fresh out the oven, still warm, soft and chewy. This simple recipe grants permission to indulge in a yummy confection, with the added temptation of having more than just one.

Grab an Apron & Let's Get Started!

This recipe also doubles as a guide to the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Kitchen Sink Cookies 101