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hello, my name is

I am the Pastry Chef & Writer behind the food blog Persimmon & Thyme and the confectionary company

Paradise Gourmet Doughnuts & Co.

My passion for food began shortly before my sophomore year of high school where my dreams of travel, competition and writing quickly blossomed. From then to now, my life has completely revolved around the Culinary Arts. Having had the opportunity to compete abroad, pursue an education at my alma mater Johnson & Wales University and live out my island to city fantasies in Providence, Rhode Island.

There, I discovered my unquestionable love for doughnuts and my undiscovered interest for the art of pastry.

Welcome to my kitchen, I'm so happy to have you!

PERSIMMON &  thyme



After completing my senior year of Undergrad — my goal was to create a platform that depicted my relationship with food outside of college. Beyond the walls of ramen and hot pockets, where my experiences and daily doses of nostalgia could wander. 

My love of food comes to life in the form of " Persimmon & Thyme". A blog devoted to my fixation with the craft and the emotions evoked through flavors, textures and colors. From recipes & cooking tips to meal prep ideas & remixes. My desire is for others to explore their plates, as their palates are refined.

The name of this blog was inspired by my interests in both Asian & Bahamian cuisine. The persimmon, a sweet, orange fruit that is widely cultivated and originated in areas of Eastern Asia. It's unique counterpart thyme, is an aromatic herb quite commonly found in the vast majority of dishes prepared here in The Bahamas.

I believe that cooking should always be fun and food made to be savored. My love for this art form continues to bloom through the knowledge of ingredients and the love of a good meal; with dessert of course! Yummy recipes that I myself have prepared and devoured!

Let's eat, share memories & maybe even create new ones, as we explore the world and our pantries.

One plate at a time.





Beyond the recipes, chit-chats and photos. Paradise Gourmet is a physical representation of Persimmon & Thyme as it gives readers and subscribers an opportunity to indulge. Throughout my college days, visiting local doughnut shops became a weekly ritual, however, after returning home that subtle routine quickly subsided though my cravings remained.  

Paradise Gourmet Doughnuts & Co. was created from an unsatisfied desire for the sweet deep fried dough and we haven't looked back since.

PGD is a home based confectionary specializing in gourmet doughnuts & specialty confections. The vision behind my business is to provide delicious variations of doughnuts, cookies & other favored desserts with a unique twist. Our menu items are altered quite often, leaving much room to enjoy an array of gourmet confections on a biweekly basis. 

Welcome to gourmet doughnuts dusted, frosted and covered in chocolate.

Welcome to Paradise Gourmet, where each and every one of our products are

homemade, handmade and made in paradise.

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