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Creamy Coconut Curried Shrimp

When you're born and raised in the Caribbean, your introduction to "curry" typically occurs rather early in your life. The spice levels, various brands/types of curry powder and the distinct ways varying Caribbean countries, from The Bahamas to Jamaica choose to prepare it. Although I've always felt pretty well-versed on the topic of curry. I hadn't truly experienced the full versatility of the dish until I savoured traditional Thai Red Curry.

A flavourful dish composed of red curry paste simmered with coconut milk and a choice a protein — ranging from chicken and beef to shrimp and tofu.

My goal for this recipe was to achieve those traditional flavours...with a twist of my own. Unfortunately, I was unable to actually find red curry paste on the island where I live — however, cooking is all about improvising so we'll make it work. This dish exudes pure comfort, a delicious range of spices, vegetables and flavor. Definitely in my top 5 faves thus far.

Grab an Apron & Let's Get Started!

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