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Classic Fettuccine Alfredo

Tonight is Pasta Night!

An opportunity to savour the comfort food while binge watching your favorite Netflix show. We'll begin with the Classic Fettuccine Alfredo, a dish that has mastered the complete art of simplicity. This six-ingredient recipe, seven if we count the salt, definitively falls into the category of 30-minute meals.

Though this recipe only features the pasta dish itself, the addition of vegetables, chicken or seafood are always welcomed.

Freshly grated parmesan, minced garlic and chopped parsley. A fierce symphony of simplicity and flavor, accompanied by heavy cream and pasta.

Grab an Apron & Let's Get Started!

Fettuccine Alfredo 101
  • Pasta: As a chef, in culinary school you are taught that fresh pasta is better than any pasta. Nonetheless, as a homecook, the expectation to prepare fresh pasta would be considered irrationally unfair. For this reason, we will utilize store bought fettuccine, a satisfying substitution.