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Bahamian Conch Fritters

When dining in the Bahamas, a meal is simply incomplete without the friendly addition of the countries' beloved delicacy. Voted most eaten appetizer among restaurants throughout the Bahamas (in my opinion), conch fritters are made from a savory, deep-fried batter composed of tenderize conch and fresh aromatics— traditionally accompanied by a tangy dipping sauce.

Reminiscent to what many Southerners know as "hush puppies" these small bites are best served alongside a daiquiri or an iced cold beer. Nonetheless, if you're unable to find yourself near the water, this dish surely takes you there.

delicately fried bites filled with chunks of conch, fresh onion and green bell peppers. Hot peppers and thyme are added to enhance flavors. these fritters are served with a simple three ingredient sauce.

As discussed in the "Conch Chowder" recipe “konk” or “conch”, is a treasured staple throughout Bahamian cuisine — often prepared in a variety of ways using various methods. The large sea snail is a delicacy, most notably known to be eaten raw in salads or cooked in fritters and chowders. Its taste and texture resembles that of calamari, especially when fried.

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